Lesser Giants

Lesser Giants

Towering over all of the other races of Thestra stands the Lesser Giant. As the largest and strongest race on Thestra they are often viewed by others with a sense of awe and wonderment. They rarely leave their mountain home of Halgarad, which they share with the Varanjar, and even less frequently wish to involve themselves in the affairs of other races.

However, the undead invasion has forced them to begin to change their culture of solitude in order to survive. Though they are safe for now in the northeastern most mountains of Thestra, they are much smarter than they are often given credit for and have the foresight to see that what appears to be the other races' problem now will eventually be their problem later.

Lesser Giants are hard workers, much preferring to labor with their hands than over a scroll or book and have a simple, uncomplicated view of life. They have been known to be Warriors, Dread Knights, Shamans and Druids.

Racial Ability Edit

- Strength of Torsheim - For the next 60 seconds after this ability is activated, you are granted 50% additional hitpoints, along with a regen component. This ability has a 30 minute cooldown.

Attributes Edit

Post level 10, gain at each level: - +3 STR - +1 CON - +10 customization points

Adventuring Ability Edit

- Large Race: 2% bonus to mitigation

Crafting Ability Edit

- +10 Ingenuity

Harvesting Ability Edit

- +5 Lumberjacking

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