Leth Nurae Adventuring Quests Edit

The Leth Nurae area is a heavily forested river valley. Many ruins from the Kaon incidents lie scattered around, with some intact portals here and there. Some of the native wildlife have been contaminated by Kaon's presence, and are considerably dangerous.

The outpost of Len Varial lies in the south, where new High Elf players begin their journey. Other landmarks include the Isle of Sages, the Fallen Academy, and the Arcanium.

Native wildlife include wolves, bears, foxes, treants, evil fairies, and bad wisps.

Developer Comments Edit

6/6/06- 'Martin Karlsson, Art Technical Lead: Keith’s representation of the elven closeness to nature and their level of sophistication are the elegant curves you see all throughout this village. The lyrical curve whispers excellence in the shape of everything from the cup on the table, the lampposts guiding your path, the trimmings and banners, to the architecture of the palace. This is the safe haven where you take a seat and relax your eyes on total fantasy refined.

Hannah Brown, Artist: With Leth, I didn’t build the village…I simply added some things and reworked it a bit. I think Leth is one of my favorite places in Vanguard so far. It is just so elegant and lovely…not to mention magical. The architecture really says High Elf to me. Tall, graceful yet strong and everlasting.

Much like in Rindol Field, I think one of the important features are the outside gathering areas. In Leth Nurae, those areas are a bit untraditional in that they are gazebo areas, not defined areas like a market. But, making those gazebo areas was again one of the things that sort of “glued” the outside village together. Also, not being predefined, leaves the areas open for player interpretation and use… and who doesn’t like that.

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