These quests take place in Leth Nurae. The journal level of the quest is shown in parentheses after the quest name.

High Elves Starting Area Edit

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High Elves begin their adventuring careers at the Heart Tree in the hills outside of Leth Nurae. This lists the initial quests that you find there and in and around Leth Nurae. Quests that form a sequence appear in the same table; otherwise, quests further down the page tend to be for higher level characters.

1 Heart Tree

2 Len Varial

3 Camp Ailinar

4 The Sister's Veil

4.1 Fallen Library

5 Leth Nurae

5.1 Approaching Leth Nurae

5.2 In the City

6 = The Arcanium

Heart Tree Edit

You first arrive at the Heart Tree in the hills of Leth Nurae

Priestess Aludan

Len Varial Edit

Len Varial is a garrison near the Heart Tree.

Ritualist Radwian

Priest Talic

Alchemist Zinzar

Acolyte Asanya

Camp Ailinar Edit

Camp Ailinar is just past the Isle of Sages.

Ranger Shyath

  • Into the Den(Camp Aelinar) (fetch a timber wolf cub (5** defenders))
  • Quickfinger (speak with Coris Quickfinger at The Sister's Veil)

Bladesinger Soalas

  • Fur of Chaos (kill Gray Wolves (4**) and Timber Wolves (5**))

Wisp Collector Xiolen

Spirit of Anthalas

The Sister's Veil Edit

The Sister's Veil is a camp north of Camp Ailinar

Coris Quickfinger

  • The Magic of Chaos (kill Spellslinger Kaons (6**) and Kaon Hexers (7**), Menders(6**) and Revivers(7**))
  • Kaon Serum (kill Spellslinger Kaons (6**) and Kaon Hexers (7**), Menders(6**) and Revivers (7**))

Loremaster Adilaar

Dragoon Malarose

Fallen Library Edit

Projection of Teclisen

Projection of Tylindail

Leth Nurae Edit

Approaching Leth Nurae

Ritualist Fayalas

Arcanist Shae


Scribe Fhae

  • Royal Delivery (pick up and deliver supplies to the Arbitor of Ilyia in Leth Nurae)

In the City Edit

Arbiter of Ilyia (one of many around the city)

The Arcanium Edit


  • Kaon Invaders (kill Blighted Koan Invaders and Koan Invaders ( ? ))

Projection of Teclisen

Ancient Knowledge (recover books from the Arcanium)

Eye of the Instigator (kill Zaylus the Instigator (10**))

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