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Varanthari Adventuring Edit

Varanthari begin their adventuring career at the Asiliary of Ali-Mar near Lomshir. This lists the initial quests that you find in and around Lomshir including those found both in Lomshir and Lomshir Plain. Quests from the same quest giver appear in the same table and some form a sequence of events which require an earlier quest be completed in order for the next quest to appear. Otherwise, quests further down the page tend to be for higher level characters.

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  • 1 Asiliary of Ali-Mar
  • 2 Wayside Pasture
  • 3 Lomshir
  • 4 Frenouran's Villa
  • 5 Dark Horse Track

Asiliary of Ali-Mar Edit

You first appear in front of Mraroun Ali-Mar.

Mraroun Ali-Mar
Supply Delivery take supplies to Freynoura Akjerg
Collect Young Lion Pelts kill Young Lions (1**) and Dominant Young Lions (2**)
Training visit your local trainer
Yvler Kruug
Find the Lost Horse find the lost horse
Pesky Horse Flies kill Horse Flies (2**)
Collect Apples for the Horses collect apples (2** defenders)
Horse Escort take the horse to Kjorna Aluroun

The questline about the lost horse is continued with Kjorna Aluroun at the Wayside Pasture.

Wayside Pasture Edit

The Wayside Pasture is down the road from the camp.

Freynoura Akjerg
Patrol the Road kill Horsethief Lookouts (3**)
Bandit Note (click on found note) return it to Freynoura
Horse Thieves kill Horsethief Raiders (4**)
Stolen Valuables search chests for stolen loot (4** defenders)
Destroy the Horsethief Supplies destroy supplies (4** defenders)
Report to Captain Foorna speak to Captain Foorna in Lomshir
Kjorna Aluroun
Healing Materials kill Horse Fly (2**) for essence and speak to Lephik Suvn for parchment
Bonding the Horse heal the horse
Wulg Lakniv
Lessen the Hyena Threat kill Hyenas (3-4**)
Poison the Hyenas lay poison trap (3-4** defenders)
Lephik Suvn
Varanthari Ceremonial Sword find sword (3-4** defenders)

Lomshir Edit

Lomshir is the semi-permanent main camp of the Varanthari.

Captain Foorna
Advanced Training speak with your local trainer
Introduction to Harvesting speak with Jarkour Kerrouk
Introduction to Crafting speak with Bahdra Kanuma about Beginning Crafting
Introduction to Diplomacy speak with Qarouk Telourshed about Varanthari Diplomacy
The Drowned kill Drowned Sailors, Windshapers, and Medics (5-6**)
click on looted Serpent of Siharis Logbook
Serpent of Sihari find someone with info in Lomshir
The Expert speak with Horselord Mineon Frenouran at Frenouran's Villa
Captain Foorna
Lion Behavior kill a Corrupted Lion or Lioness ( 5**)
A Study of Corruption take lion flesh to Praajda Grierhi
Praajda Grierhi
The Remedy gather Adrian Plants and kill Shambling Shells and Young Dracosnaps (4-5**)
The Cleansing cleanse lions and kill Vile Yothkai (4**)
Guard Rougan
Annoying Pups kill Cackler Pups (3**)
Horseward Ali-Kjerg
Basilisk Claws kill Savannah Basilisks (3-4**)
Guard Reeva
Fallen Allies kill Nefarious Yothkai (6**) and Dominated Kurashasans (6***)

Frenouran's Villa Edit

Azzah Frenouran
As You Wish kill Cacklers, Deadly Strikers, Infected Rats, Young Leapers (5-6**)
Salor Varquel
An Eye for an Eye kill pirates (7-8***)
Soup for Salor search the area for a soup maker

Farika Jakeer Edit

Spices for Soup kill Enraged Shambling Shells (7-8**)
Horoun Dalan
The Dark Horse Track take supplies to Harlin Yarloun at the Dark Horse Track
Stolen Goods recover stolen loot (7-8*** defenders) (group)

Dark Horse Track Edit

Harlin Yarloun
Horse Sales speak with Iradun Earp at the North Neamsog Bunker
Hay is for Horses muck out the horse pens
Horse Berries collect berries for the horse feed
Sharia Arnote
The Manual of Scorpion Keeping kill Scorpion Keepers (8**)
Scorpion Venom kill Desert Workers (6-7*) Scorpion Enforcers (7**), Desert Stalkers (7-8**)
Printlar Til
Fair Salvage recover salvage from destroyed caravans (7-8** defenders)
The Beacon of Souls collect souls from Restive Mariners (7-8*)
Selling Souls take the souls to Tsal K'lor
Kazduma Treasure Hunters speak with Shar Mordual on the Hag's Coast
Brenlon Sandourn
Restive Mariners kill Restive Mariners (7-8*)
Angela Varde
Pollen Sprite Essence Collection kill Malevolent Pollen Sprites (8**)
Overgrowth look for Ulo Mossbeard in the Lair of the Green Witch (8** defenders) (group)
Samarel Kalun
Snakes on the Plain kill Cobra Coilers (7-8**)
Heyara Yarloun
Horse Rescue rescue the horse you bonded with before (6-8** defenders) (you keep the horse)
Guard Parau
The Foecleaver kill Brannoq the Foecleaver () (group)
Morduma Totems kill Morduma Salvagers (7-8**) and Raiders and Shaman (8-9**)
Guard Brridnaja
The Morduma kill Morduma Raiders and Shaman (8-9**)
Horse Wrangler steal back some stolen horses (8-9** defenders)
Haj Kru
Assassinations kill Hired Assassins (9***) (group)
Nomad Threat kill nomads (8***) (group)
Gila Hides kill Large Gila Monsters (9**)
Dark Banishing kill Mage Cultists (10**) (group)
Hadu Khajef
Cackling Packhunters kill Cackling Packhunters (8-9**)
Sharptooth kill the hyena Sharptooth (10***)
Farahn Ghazel
A Letter to an Old Friend deliver a letter to Ara Mandeen at the Beacon of Hafeez al-Azzimat




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