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Qalia LoreEdit

The sands of Qalia have seen the rise and fall of many ambitious empires. Intrepid adventurers tell of fantastic ruins that stand as silent witness to the power and knowledge of the ancient Qalians. The Mordebi and Qaliathari empires have sunk beneath the seas and sands; but their memory and their accomplishments still resonate in the hearts of the nomads and city dwellers alike.

The continent is one of extremes. Fierce sandstorms. Harsh sun-blasted deserts. Titanic mountain ranges that loom over the deserts. These define the landscape of Qalia.

Qalia is a land of legends, myths, and ancient superstitions. Tales of great wars, gods, monsters, and heroes have been passed down since before the cataclysm. Many of these tales are woven with threads of truth; while others are pure imagination Minor heroes have been elevated by the legends, while great artifacts of power have been dismissed as mere myths.

Thestra LoreEdit

Thestra is the birthplace of adventurers who cling to dreams of cleansing their land of danger, wrestling ancient treasure from the grip of fearsome enemies, and restoring the land's lost knowledge, power and pride. The occasional survivors of expeditions into the depths of Thestra return with stories of jagged mountains, sheer cliffs, dense forests, stagnant swamps teeming with untold perils, and even islands rumored to hold precious resources and hidden treasures.

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