Type: City
Continent: Kojan
Map Cell: -20, 13


The island of Martok is a harsh land filled with tough, deadly creatures, divided by the Wildgrowth Forest; a magical grove haunted by the yukionna; terrible nature spirits who slay any who enter their domain. But for all its dangers, the most bloodthirsty inhabitants of the island are the orcs.

For as long as any can remember, the Martok clan have been locked in a bloody war with their sworn enemies, the Gulgrethor Clan. The whole of clan Martok is poised to invade the Gulgrethor, but traversing the Wildgrowth Forest remains a great obstacle.

Geography and climateEdit

Semi-arid and mountainous


Racial home of Orcs and Goblins.


Leader: Warchief Zowb

  • Martok Clan
  • Kojani Artisans
  • Martok Artisans
  • Mounts
    • Spider -- Mardirk, Creature Handler
    • Okami (wolves) -- Groph, Creature Handler
  • City Faction Registrar: Yes (Greskini Shikini)
  • City Armor Dealer: Yes (Mada Bley)
  • Guild Registrar: Yes (Degg)



  • Clothing Merchant: Yes (Gerland Soskil -- Shirts, Pants, Gloves)
  • Horse Vendor(s)
    • Beginner: Yes (Sarahda Hockel)
  • Weapon Vendor(s)
    • Weapons: Yes
    • Ranged Weapons: Yes
  • Armor Vendor(s)
    • Light: Yes
    • Medium: Yes
    • Heavy: Yes


  • Crafting Advisor: Yes (Gratosha)
  • Crafting Utilities Supplier: Yes (Kabon Osash)
  • Crafting Equipment Supplier: Yes (Grenshaw Rolgrend)
  • Exotic Goods Vendor: Yes (Narokk)
  • Work Order Taskmasters
    • Refining:Yes (Olgren)
    • Finishing:Yes (Torla Lokos)
    • Non-Specified / Special: Yes (Mutokash)
  • Crafting Tables
    • Artificer: Both
    • Blacksmith: Both
    • Outfitter: Both
    • Assembly: Yes


  • Bartender: Yes (Barmaids)


Banker: Yes

Vaults: No

Mailbox: Yes

Telon Global Exchange: Yes (Fik)



  • Instructors
    • Blood Mage: Yes (Hraxle Flink)
    • Dread Knight: Yes (Azaz)
    • Necromancer: Yes (Hexxik Zarpel)
    • Psionicist: Yes (Hipxix)
    • Ranger: Yes (Tracker Vigka)
    • Rogue: Yes (Xiven Snek)
    • Shaman: Yes (Warseer Gnoth)
    • Sorcerer: Yes (Jinxu Nizzle)
    • Warrior: Yes (Ergoth)


  • Instructors
    • Artificer: Yes (Jojan Reesh)
    • Blacksmith: Yes (Kimaka Rett)
    • Outfitter: Yes (Derrgon)
  • Masters
    • Artificer: Yes (Haggor)
    • Blacksmith: Yes (Blakston)
    • Outfitter: Yes (Bargon)


  • Instructors
    • Civic Diplomacy Instructor: Yes (Garoth)

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