Mekalia Adventuring Quests

Mekalia is the city of the Gnomes on Qalia. It can be reached from Khal by travelling the Qa River.

The gnomes do not welcome visitors to their city, and it is rare for other races to be allowed the privilege of viewing its mysteries and intricacies.

It appears that Mekalia is built entirely in underground caverns. Although many of the buildings are extremely tall, they are all trapped beneath a rocky ceiling. Odd glowing crystals stud the area, relieving a little of the gloom, and put to use in lamp posts.


Places of Interest:
Loyalists of the Underking (west)
Sanctum of the Deep Dark (north)
Uebratix's Institute of Wizardry (east), Spellcaster trainers
Menagerie of Telon (south), Gnome starting area
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