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Mining is the skill most commonly chosen by Blacksmiths as it involves harvesting metals. The life of a miner is not an easy one as it involves sometimes searching deep in caves to find precious nodes of Ore.

The PickaxeEdit

The primary tool for the miner is the Pickaxe. If you did not receive your first Pickaxe after completing the introductory harvesting quest, you can purchase it from the Harvesting Supply Vendor for no cost. These vendors are located in almost every starting area and in every major city. If you are having trouble locating this vendor, try asking a guard for directions.

As you gain skill in your harvesting, you should start looking for a new Pickaxe from either Supply Vendors or other players that are able to craft harvesting tools. The Blacksmith is the only crafting profession that can create and upgrade harvesting tools. Upgraded harvesting tools offer many bonuses such as an increase to your base skill or an increase in the amount of resources you can harvest.

Chunks, Ore and YouEdit

When Mining, you should notice that you harvest metals in two quantities: Ore and Chunks.

Chunks are small portions of Ore that are not craftable and cannot be sold. Ore are a craftable resources, usable by the Blacksmith, Armorsmith and the Weaponsmith. You can combine Chunks into Ore by right clicking your mouse on a stack of 20 pieces or more in your inventory. When you do this, a small window will appear with a list of the number of Ore you will receive, as well as the amount of Chunks left over. Once you click Convert the Ore will be deposited into your inventory as well as will any leftover pieces of chunks.

As you will see below, Ore is not only broken down by Tier, but also by relative rarity. For some Tiers you can find Rare versions and also Ultra-Rare versions. These tend to be useful for crafters performing upgrades or crafting special items. You can find these rares in two ways:

Finding a resource with the applicable name, such as Star Iron Node. Receiving one by chance when harvesting a regular node. You have a greater chance of receiving a rare resource from a regular resource node if you are participating in a Group Harvest.

Resource TableEdit



1 1 Metal Node Copper N/A N/A
2 100 Large Metal Node Tin Nickel N/A
3 200 Rich Metal Node Iron Star Iron Black Iron
4 300 Metal Vein Pyrite Embersteel Sunflame
5 400 Large Metal Vein Mithril True Silver Adamantine
6 500 Rich Metal Vein Draconite Wyrmsteel Haelifurite

Know Your MetalsEdit

If you are going to become a successful Miner, you have to learn the different types of Metal that can be found. Your first tip that the rock you may be looking at is a metal is that the name of it ends with "Node". No other resource has items named in this manner and remembering this could be important when spotting Nodes from a distance.

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