Quest crafting Necessary Investigation
Sphere Crafting
Journal Level 42
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered 41
Prerequisites none
Starting Location 12401, 27670, 1281 in New Targonor (-27, 24)
Starting Chunk New Targonor
Ending Chunk New Targonor
Offered By Sydon Blaze
Quest Series Dawn's Sign Crafting Timeline
Previous Joining the Dawn's Sign
Concurrent with:
XP Reward
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Apprehend Tahren

Speak to Spark. Work with him and the rest of the Dawn's Sign to find the criminal called Tahren.


  • Dawn's Sign Gloves (Hands, +4 reasoning and ingenuity, +30 station, utility, and tool use, 40, 50)

XP: 306000 (Crafting)


  • +300 New Targonor Artisans
  • +300 Thestra Artisans


Talk to Spark to receive the "Sky Eye Rune". Grade B.

Make the rune and return.

Talk to Spark again.

Go to the crafting area in New Targonor proper and find the bookstore (Spark will be outside the door).

Talk to Spark.

Go inside and question the customers.

Head back to the docks.

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