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Orbs and Spheres are used in crafting for creating various items. Many of them however have no use at all. Naming Conventions

You can tell a lot just from the name of your orb or sphere.

1. The name starts depending upon Tier:

Tier Name
2 Orb
3 Shimmering Orb
4 Sphere
5 Shimmering Sphere

2. Then there is a variant name, usually either "of Pure" and "of Distilled". There is also "of Tainted", which seems to have vanished from the game, and "of Dark", which seems to have no use yet.

3. Finally, the last word depends upon the craft trade:

Class Type
Artificer Magic
Blacksmith Matter
Outfitter Power


Therefore, for example, a "Shimmering Orb of Distilled Power", is a distilled crafting ingredient of Tier 3 for Outfitter.


Orbs and Spheres are used for special recipes.

Craft Distilled Pure Tainted Dark
Artificer (Magic) Carvings Bows Unknown Unknown
Blacksmith (Matter) Runes (and on Tier 2 also Horseshoes) Horseshoes (optional, not on Tier 2) Unknown Unknown
Outfitter (Power) Talismans or Bandages Unknown Unknown Unknown


Pure Orbs drop en masse from harvesting and item deconstruction, can be bought from the Exotic Crafting Merchant, and drop occasionately from Set and Batch Work Order rewards.

Distilled Orbs can be bought from the Exotic Crafting Merchant and drop occasionately from Set and Batch Work Order rewards.

Tainted Orbs do no longer drop at all.

Dark Orbs drop sometimes from item deconstruction of heroic and better items.


Tier 2 - Amateur
Orb of Distilled Magic
Orb of Distilled Matter
Orb of Distilled Power
Orb of Pure Magic
Orb of Pure Matter
Orb of Pure Power
File:Orb of Tainted Magic.jpg
File:Orb of Tainted Matter.jpg
File:Orb of Tainted Power.jpg
Orb of Dark Magic
Orb of Dark Matter
File:Orb of Dark Power.jpg
Tier 3 - Apprentice
File:Shimmering Orb of Distilled Magic.jpg
Shimmering Orb of Distilled Matter
Shimmering Orb of Distilled Power
Shimmering Orb of Pure Magic
Shimmering Orb of Pure Matter
Shimmering Orb of Pure Power
File:Shimmering Orb of Tainted Magic.jpg
File:Shimmering Orb of Tainted Matter.jpg
File:Shimmering Orb of Tainted Power.jpg
File:Shimmering Orb of Dark Magic.jpg
File:Shimmering Orb of Dark Matter.jpg
Shimmering Orb of Dark Power


Tier 4 - Initiate
Sphere of Distilled Magic
Sphere of Distilled Matter
File:Sphere of Distilled Power.jpg
Sphere of Pure Magic
Sphere of Pure Matter
Sphere of Pure Power
File:Sphere of Tainted Magic.jpg
File:Sphere of Tainted Matter.jpg
File:Sphere of Tainted Power.jpg
Sphere of Dark Magic
Sphere of Dark Matter
File:Sphere of Dark Power.jpg
Tier 5 - Journeyman
Shimmering Sphere of Distilled Magic
Shimmering Sphere of Distilled Matter
Shimmering Sphere of Distilled Power
Shimmering Sphere of Pure Magic
Shimmering Sphere of Pure Matter
Shimmering Sphere of Pure Power
File:Shimmering Sphere of Tainted Magic.jpg
File:Shimmering Sphere of Tainted Matter.jpg
File:Shimmering Sphere of Tainted Power.jpg
Shimmering Sphere of Dark Magic
File:Shimmering Sphere of Dark Matter.jpg
File:Shimmering Sphere of Dark Power.jpg
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