Quest crafting Outfitter Training: The Crafting Process
Sphere Crafting
Journal Level 1
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered Any
Prerequisites None
Starting Location (-37592, -23191, 1736) in Isle of Dawn (Sun Village)
Starting Chunk Isle of Dawn
Ending Chunk Isle of Dawn
Offered By Jinra Stormvalley
Quest Series Isle of Dawn Crafting Timeline
Previous Outfitter Training: Using Utilities
Concurrent with: none
Next Outfitter Training: Complications and Quality
XP Reward 0
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


Starting DialogueEdit

Jinra says, "Now for the process. Find the forge here and use this recipe on it."


Go to a fitting and begin to craft. Select the available recipes, pick your utilities, and then start crafting. Work through each step, and return the finished item to Jinra Stormvalley in the Sun Village workshop.


You can see your new recipe by opening the Abilities page (P). Click on the Crafting sub-tab, then click on the Finishing tab - you will see a recipe called 'Outfitting' under the Special Recipes list. Run into next room and right click the Outfitter Fitting Table (Finishing). Select the recipe, your cleaner (automatically selected by default), and begin crafting your stitched leather. Once done return downstairs to Jinra Stormvalley.

Ending DialogueEdit

Jinra says, "The process can be daunting at first, I will admit. But practice will make perfect. The goal is excellent quality and successful completion. It sounds easier than it is."

Jinra says, "The next task will focus on complications and quality. Are you ready?"

Quest RewardsEdit

  • None
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