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|Level = 30
|Level = 30
|Description = Drains 369 to 389 health from an opponent.}}
|Description = Drains 369 to 389 health from an opponent.}}
*Coterie Infinieum Sanctuary
*Coterie Infinieum Sanctuary

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Class SummaryEdit

Paladin web
Basic Information

Free to Play Status:


Recommended Attributes:

Str, Con, Wis

Recommended Wield Style:

Sword and Shield

Armor Type:


Secondary Diplomacy Expression:


Recommended Playstyle


Photo Gallery

Weapons and Armor

Wield Types

  • 1H Wielding
  • 2H Wielding
  • Sword and Shield Wielding

Weapon Types

  • 2H Piercing
  • 2H Blunt
  • 1H Blunt
  • Hand to Hand
  • 1H Slashing
  • Thrown
  • 2H Slashing

Weapon Specialization

  • Spear And Javelin
  • Axe
  • Thrown Hammers
  • Greatsword
  • Longsword
  • Hammer
  • Mace
  • Great Spear
  • Great Maul
  • Short Sword
  • Great Axe

Perception and Concealment


  • Awareness
  • Combat Awareness
  • Detection


  • Tactic Recognition
  • Parry
  • Archery
  • Block
Spell Schools
  • Conjuration
  • Evocation
  • Alteration


  • Fishing

Gifts of Virtue

These are powerful abilities that a paladin can only perform a limited number of times. Paladins gain virtue points as they grow in strength and experience or from heroic acts (such as using rescues when below 20% health). These Virtue Points regenerate a lot faster than the game and other information leads the player to believe, however using Gifts of Virtue consumes virtue points. Examples of Paladin gift spells are Lay on Hands, Paragon, Zeal, Dictum of Valus, Shield of Gloriann, Shining Beacon, Final Stand, and Sun Burst.

Normal Paladin Spells These spells cost power (mana in other games) to use and can be cast as often as the Paladin wishes.

Healing Abilities Paladin heals are not as powerful or power efficient as those of traditional healers. Paladin heals will also be more subject to interruption if the paladin is also tanking.


Paladins have a wide array of buffs. Paladin buffs can increase damage, accuracy, strength, dexterity armor class, resistances, immunity to damage and more.

Auras Auras are buffs that add beneficial effects to the Paladin and his group. Only one Aura can be active at a time. The Paladin must choose between three auras, Divine Power, Aura of Shielding and Aura of Replenishment.

Rescues In Vanguard Saga of Heroes, players can choose offensive and defensive targets. The defensive target can receive heals or be rescued if under attack and in range. The rescue forces the enemy to focus their attacks upon the Paladin for a short period of time allowing the Paladin time to regain aggro. If a Paladin rescues the same defensive target, not only does the Paladin take the damage, but also he may dish out significant damage back to the NPC from the rescue. The Paladin has the best rescues of any of the protective fighter classes.

Paladin as a Tank It is intended that all protective fighter classes mitigate damage equally. Each protective fighter class specializes in tanking certain types of creatures with Paladins being able to tank best against the undead, due to their Holy nature. Paladins are the most defensive of the protective fighter classes.

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Known Spells and AbilitiesEdit

1Icon566 Blessing of VothdarIBlesses your target with 6 strength.
1Icon563 Holy StrikeIDeals normal damage plus 6. Deals an additional 8 to 12 damage to undead and fiends.
2Icon733 Hammer of JudgementISmashes your target for 150% damage plus 14 to 18. Deals an additional 18 to 24 damage when used while an ally is flanking your target.
4Icon541Boon of ValusIAllows you a chance to deal additional damage with every melee attack. You cannot have more than one Boon affecting your weapons.
4Icon516 Aegis StrikeISmashes your shield into the target, inflicting xx to xx damage. This ability has an inherent bonus to critically hit.
6Icon413 Devout FoemanIRaises your chance to block incoming attacks by 100% for 60 seconds or until you block or activate another ability. This turns off your auto-attack.
6Icon707 Dictum of ValusIBlasts your target with spiritual energy, causing xx to xx damage.
8Icon563 Holy StrikeIIDeals normal damage plus 18. Deals an additional 29 to 35 damage to undead and fiends.
8Icon680 Laying on of HandsIDelivers a mighty heal, restoring 611 health. This ability uses 3 virtue points when cast upon any Paladin.
8Icon552 Champion's MightIDeals xx to xx damage to your target and increases your strength by 15 for 5 minutes.
10Icon728 Blade of Vol AnariICleaves through undead and fiendish opponents, dealing 400% weapon damage plus 84 to 92 and an additional 951 to 1003 damage over 20 sec.
10Icon684 CourageIIncreases hit points by 104 and armor class by 117 for your defensive target's party.
10Icon571 Marshalling CryIThis war cry emboldens you and your allies, increasing damage by 49 and accuracy by 30% for 10 sec.
10Icon421 Protector's FuryIDeals 300% weapon damage plus 62 to 70 and forces the attacker of your defensive target to attack you for 2 attacks or 4 seconds. The same opponent may only be target-forced once every 30 sec.
12Icon733 Hammer of JudgmentIISmashes your target for 150% damage plus 34 to 40. Deals an additional 43 to 49 damage when used while an ally is flanking your target.
12Icon409 Righteous Supplication A fervent prayer that restores all of your virtue.
12Icon540 Boon of Vol AnariIAllows you a chance to deal additional damage to undead targets with every melee attack. You cannot have more than one Boon affecting your weapons.
12Icon652 Judgment of the ImpureIThe punishment to be meted out to the impure. Your target takes 418 to 443 damage over 21 sec as they are purified by fire.
12Icon411 Stalwart Soul Your bravery is a thing o flegend. You are immune to most fear effects.
12Icon718 Hammer of ValusIICrushes your target dealing 400% weapon damage plus 84 to 92. Deals an additional 46 to 52 damage when used while an ally is flanking your target.
12Icon687 SmiteIDeals 116 to 125 damage and instills your opponent with 199 hatred of you.
14Icon678 Healing TouchIHeals your defensive target for 461.
18Icon647 UpbraidIInstills your opponent with 376 hate of you.

Learned AbilitiesEdit

Blood Oath IEdit

Cull I
166 Energy
Physical EvocationOffensive Target
Drains 369 to 389 health from an opponent.

  • Coterie Infinieum Sanctuary

Blood Oath II (lvl 38]Edit

  • Dargun's Tomb: Angry Dwarven Spirits (outside Dargun's Tomb) (lvl?)

Blood Oath III (lvl 48]Edit

  • Nusibe Necropolis: Crypt Watchers

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