• Silence abilities will now interrupt casting on players.
  • Fix for buffs that ignore caps not always putting players over the caps, based on what order the buffs were cast in.
  • Fix for buff order mattering when calculating out your total stats. Now your buffs will always give the maximum benefit, regardless of order they’re cast in.
  • Fix for some NPC reactions not always hitting the player they’re reacting to and instead hitting the NPCs offensive target.
  • Removed the last clothing option from the customization slider.
  • Fixed a bug where the sorcerer mez Sleep could proc on cast as well as some other mezes.
  • Added a toggle in the interface options to lock your hotbar buttons in place. This is for players who were trying to click buttons but ended up dragging them off the bar.
  • Fixed a few server crashes.
  • Fixed some of the bad server lag issues. There are still some being addressed, but the majority of them should be resolved now.


  • Seradons falling comet now caps out at 2x damage instead of 10x damage. The previous change to haste on the comet has been removed.


  • The cap for PVP damage per hit has been reduced to 20%.
  • Changed the way DoTs work in PVP so that they're also affected by the per hit caps. Previously DoTs got around the cap.


  • The T2 Vol Anari trial now updates properly
  • Quest: Power of Corruption will now drop the essence. NOTE: If you are already on this quest, you will need to abandon and re-take the quest.
  • Haelifur worshippers will now be able to turn in the Essence of the Fireworks Connoisseur.
  • Quest: The Rescue (Phase 2) will now spawn the elder on the upper floor again.
  • Quest: The Maw of Tyranny (Phase 2): The waves should now despawn on reset.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to turn in 1 Sacrificial Offering to Vothdars altar.
  • Admiral Jagistur Cairn’s HP has been lowered slightly.
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