Quest diplomacy Persuade Magnate Rikzik
Sphere Diplomacy
Journal Level 1
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered unknown
Prerequisites none
Starting Location 18101,-2578,-16054 in Qur'xa Temple(-15, -91)
Starting Chunk Qur'xa
Ending Chunk Qur'xa
Offered By Prince Hrod
Quest Series Qur'xa Diplomacy Timeline
Previous What A Prince Wants
Concurrent with: Sybarite Magnate Gurz, Sybarite Magnate Nargol
Next A Wealth Of Power
XP Reward 2863
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed

Starts at NPC: Prince Hrod

Related Mobs: Magnate Rikzik(13502, -3343, -16062 in Qur'xa Temple)

Starts In Zone: Qur'xa Temple

Objectives: Convince Magnate Rikzik to join the kurashasa alliance.

- Persuade Magnate Rikzik


"Magnate Rikzik is wealthy beyond compare. His interest in involving himself with the kurashasa is strictly for swelling his personal coffers. This means that he is key to the kurashasan aims on Telon." Prince Hrod adds, "He is also quite influential in Sybaris, which means he is key to my aims as well. I need you to convince him to join the alliance."

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