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Diplomatic Presence of player characters are directly associated with the eight stations of NPCs:

Your presence with each station determines how NPCs belonging to that station regard you. When engaging in parleys for Quests or Civic Diplomacy you will find that many NPCs refuse to talk to you unless your presence is high enough with their station.

Determining Diplomatic Presence

You can determine your current presence values for each station by looking at the "Equipment" tab of the diplomacy page on your character sheet (press 'c' in game).

Your Diplomatic Presence is the sum of two parts:

  1. Base Presence
  2. Clothing bonuses

When you start out in diplomacy, the Base Presence value will be zero for all stations. To increase the Base Presence value for a particular station, you must engage in Civic Diplomacy parleys with NPCs that belong to that station. You may engage in any type of conversation.

Most diplomacy clothing has presence associated with it that will add to your Base Presence when worn. This allows you to increase your presence with one station simply by swapping what you are wearing.

You can obtain diplomacy clothing with higher presence either by doing Quests that include clothing as a reward, or by obtaining information from Civic Diplomacy parleys and exchanging them for clothing at an informant.

Increasing Diplomatic Presence

Presence increases are granted periodically after successful completion of parleys with a given station. It is unknown exactly what affects the rate at which presence increases are granted.

  • Note: Forum postings report that the amount you dominate a parley will affect the rate presence is increased (unconfirmed).
  • Note: Forum postings report that parleys against higher skilled npc's will increase the rate presence is increased (unconfirmed).

Maximum presence in any station is 4500. According to Sigil: "Even at the highest tiers of equipment, we are still expecting you to be bringing more than 75% of your total Presence from clothing. Clothing makes the man." Presence can be raised higher then 4500 though and does keep incrementing.

Effect on Levers

Besides enabling you to parley with NPCs that have minimum Diplomatic Presence requirements, the level of your presence with a particular station affects that rate at which you can push levers (for city buffs) when engaging in Civic Diplomacy. You also get a title (displayed for each station on the "Equipment" tab of the diplomacy page on your character sheet).

The titles and the amount by which you can push a Lever for use successful parley are:

Presence Title Lever Points
0-75 Newcomer 1
76-225 Known 2
226-900 Respected 4
901-2340 Renowned 7
2341-4500 Renowned 10
4501+ Famous 10
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