Vanguard Saga of Heroes
Vanguard Saga of Heroes


This mount is available from the seasonal Grinch NPC's


  • Given that flying mounts cannot normally be obtained until much higher in level, this item is exceptionally useful for lower leveled characters.
  • As of March 28th, 2012, Randolph is now only available for use during during the holiday season.


Icon20386.png Randolph the Reindeer
Unique Soulbound No Sell
Flying Mount
+100 Mount Speed (Air)
+40 Mount Speed (Ground)
+20 Mount Stability
Activated Ability: Summon Mount
This ability allows you to summon your mount.
Required Level: 1 Adventuring or 1 Crafting or 1 Diplomacy
Item Level: 53
Randolph is the long lost relative of a famous reindeer who is said to have led the chariout of the giving spirit of Gloriann known as Atnas Claws. While not as strong as his relative, Randolph is sturdy enought to carry even the largest of races into the air at a moments notice.


Randolph the Reindeer mount