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Class SummaryEdit

Ranger official
Basic Information

Free to Play Status:


Recommended Attributes:

Dex, Str, Con

Recommended Wield Style:

Ranged Wielding

Armor Type:


Secondary Diplomacy Expression:


Recommended Playstyle


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Weapons and Armor

Wield Types

  • 1H Wielding
  • Ranged Wielding
  • 2H Wielding

Weapon Types

  • 1H Piercing
  • Hand to Hand
  • 1H Slashing
  • Thrown
  • 1H Blunt

Weapon Specialization

  • Spear And Javelin
  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Axe
  • Thrown Axes
  • Longsword
  • Hammer
  • Mace
  • Club
  • Thrown Daggers
  • Dagger and Knife
  • Short Sword

Perception and Concealment


  • Awareness
  • Combat Awareness
  • Detection


  • Tactic Recognition
  • Hide
  • Sneak
  • Parry
  • Dodge
Spell Schools
  • Conjuration
  • Evocation
  • Alteration


  • Safe Fall
  • Fishing

Pets and former sub-class specialization abilities At level 10, ranger specific quest will be available from your ranger instructor. You will be ported to near Tawar Galan where a series of quests will be offered. After you complete these quests you will be able to choose your pet and learn your special stance abilities that reduce damage and push your opponent out of their stance.

Charm - Rangers can charm animals, reptiles, and some insects.

Forage and Prepare Campfire - special forage ability allow rangers to find consumable herbs and fungi that have special properties (increase dodge, see invisible, increase resistances, etc.) and arrow parts which can be assembled using ranger-only recipes. You forage new items every 10th level after level 10. The arrows themselves can be assembled anywhere once the materials have been foraged and are in the ranger's inventory using the crafting tab of the abilities window.

Known Spells and Abilities Edit

Lv NameRankEffect
1Icon536Blade of WinterI

Strikes your opponent with an icy weapon, dealing melee damage plus 11. 20 Stamina cost.

1Icon559Nature's GuiseI

Blends you into your environment, making you stealthy

1Icon20074Warden's Ranged Attack A ranger's basic ranged attack.
1Icon566Stalker's GraceIIncreases dexterity and constitution by 9 for your defensive target's party.
2Icon538Blade of SummerI

Sheathes your weapon in flames, dealing 200% weapon damage plus 17 to 21. Deals an additional 16 to 20 if you are flanking the opponent


This ability returns you to your bind location.

4Icon724Sweeping StrikeIAn arcing strike that deals 37.
4Icon695Thorn CloakI

Reflects damage upon attackers and increases armor class by xxx. Has a chance of dealing damage over time to your attacks.

6Icon600Deadly ShotIA deadly shot that deals ranged damage plus 25.
6Icon644TameICharms a creature, allowing you to control it for 75s.
8Icon536Blade of WinterIIStrikes your opponent with an icy weapon, dealing melee damage plus 31.
8Icon705RancorICounterattack that deals 150% of normal damage to your opponent. Increases the damage of your allies by 10 for 30 sec.
8Icon704Entangle WebIReduces opponent's movement speed by 40% for 25 to 25 seconds.
10Icon494Forage Forages in your surrounding area for supplies to use while adventuring.
10Icon567WindsongIStrikes your opponent with a flurry of attacks, dealing melee damage plus 33. Has a chance to add multiple extra attacks.
10Icon602Critical ShotIA very accurate shot that deals 400% weapon damage plus 96 to 104. Deals an additional 295 to 314 when used from stealth.
10Icon417Reduced XP

This buff reduces the XP gained by 100%

Lv NameRankEffect
12Icon518Speed of the WindIIncreases movement speed by 30% and mounted speed by 5% for your defensive target's party.
12Icon538Blade of SummerII

Sheathes your weapon in flames, dealing 200% weapon damage plus 48 to 54. Deals an additional 43 to 49 if you are flanking the opponent

12Icon420ParryIRaises your chance to parry incoming attacks by 100% for 60 seconds or until you parry or activate another ability. This turns off your auto to attack.
12Icon421InterceptIIntercepts an enemy who is attacking your defensive target, dealing 125% weapon damage, adding 264 hate and rooting your opponent for 6 to 8 seconds.
12Icon647FerocityIIncreases your damage by 30% and increases endurance regeneration. Lasts 30 sec.
14Icon600Deadly ShotIIA deadly shot that deals ranged damage plus 44.
14Icon697RegressIA waning attack that reduces your opponent's hatred of you by 20% plus 1080.
14Icon605Dawn ArrowIDeals 400% weaon damage plus 118 to 126.
14.pngBlade of the EquinoxIIDrawing power from the summer, you deal 350% weapon damage plus 76 to 82.
14Icon614Shocking ArrowIIA electrified shot that deals 200% weapon damage plus 42 to 49. Has a chance to stun your opponent for 3 sec.
14Icon561Blade ShroudIYou shroud yourself in blade, increasing your ability to parry attacks by 50%
16Icon724Sweeping StrikeIIAn arcing srike that deals 92.
16Icon567WindsongIIStrikes your opponent with a flurry of attacks, dealing melee damage plus 48. Has a chance to add multiple extra attacks.
16Icon531Tiger Talisman Increases melee damage by 15% and melee critical chance by 5%
16Icon529Raven Talisman Increases energy regeneration. While Raven Talisman is active, your Shocking Arrow will strike an additional time.
18Icon681Nature's RemedyIRemoves a lesser poison and lesser disease from an ally.
18Icon698EntangleIRoots an opponent in place for 28 seconds and deals 1146 to 1209 damage over 28 seconds. Has a 15% chance to break the root upon being hit.
18Icon680RegrowthIHeals for 282 initially, then for 218 over 12 sec.
18Icon20074Splitting ArrowISplits an arrow so that it will hit up to 6 opponents within 10m of your target for 150% weapon damage plus 33 to 37.

Pets and MinionsEdit

There are 11 pets to choose from at the end of the ranger quest Nom Nom Nom. You can return to Linchera's to buy a Linchera's Release into the Wild scroll.

Learned AbilitiesEdit

Wind TalismanEdit

Wind Talisman
Self AlterationSelf
Grants you the quickness of the wind. Decreases your Endurance costs by 25% and the Refresh timers of your abilities by 10%. While Wing Talisman is active, it increases potency of Windsong.

Location: Dargun's Tomb

Mobs who provide updates: Burning Eyes Patrollers, Burning Eyes Scouts, Burning Eyes Runts, Burning Eyes Captains.


Self AlterationSelf
Reduces the Energy cost of all abilities by 100% for 9 seconds. Heals for 619 Energy over 8 Seconds

Location: Flordiel

Mobs who provide updates: Savage Tree Wayfarer, Savage Tree Warden.

Feral StrikeEdit

Feral Strike
10 Endurance
CounterattackOffensive Target
Counterattack. 200% weapon damage. Next 5 attacks against opponent have 50% chance to score a critical hit.

Location: Rahz Inkur

Mob who provides updates: Zull Efreeti Tamer

Ranger-made ArrowsEdit

Crude Warden's Arrow

Crude Warden's Arrow

Plain Warden's Arrow

Plain Warden's Arrow

Polished Warden's Arrow

Polished Warden's Arrow

Precision Warden's Arrow

Precision Warden's Arrow

Once the ranger obtains the Forage ability, he/she can start to collect the items to make ranger arrows. These arrows can only be used by the ranger class.

The arrows have three components: Arrowhead, Shaft, and the Fletching.

The arrows special crafting assembly recipes. You access the crafting process by

  1. Opening your Abilities window (Default is P)
  2. Click the Crafting Tab (Bottom)
  3. Click the Assembly Tab (Top)
  4. Select 'Ranger' from the drop down box
  5. Select the arrow recipe from the list at the bottom

Crude Warden's ArrowEdit

Plain Warden's ArrowEdit

Polished Warden's ArrowEdit

Precision Warden's ArrowEdit

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