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The Reaping skill is used primarily by Outfitters who then plan on training further and becoming Tailors. The Tailor uses the textiles provided by plants throughout Telon to craft various items such as bags and clothing.

The SickleEdit

The primary tool used for Reaping is the Sickle. If you did not receive a sickle after completing your introductory harvesting quest, you can return to that NPC and purchase one for no cost. These NPCs can be found in almost all of the starting villages and in every major city. If you find you are having difficulty locating an instructor, try asking a guard for directions.

As you progress in skill with Reaping, you should consider upgrading your basic sickle. You can purchase upgraded tools from either Harvesting Supply Vendors or from players who can craft them. At this time the only crafting profession that can craft harvesting tools is the Blacksmith.

Sheafs, Bales and YouEdit

When harvesting plants, you should notice that you are gathering resources in two quantities: Sheafs and Bales.

Sheafs are small pieces of plant that are not craftable. Bales are a craftable resources, usable by the Outfitters and Tailors. You can combine Sheafs into Bales by right clicking your mouse on a stack of 20 pieces or more in your inventory. When you do this, a small window will appear with a list of the number of Bales you will receive, as well as the amount of Sheafs left over. Once you click Convert the Bales will be deposited into your inventory as well as will any leftover Sheafs.

As you will see below, plants are not only broken down by Tier, but also by relative rarity. For some Tiers you can find Rare versions and also Ultra-Rare versions. These tend to be useful for crafters performing upgrades or crafting special items. You can find these rares in two ways:

Finding a resource with the applicable name, such as Mature Cotton Plant. Receiving one by chance when harvesting a regular node. You have a greater chance of receiving a rare resource from a regular resource node if you are participating in a Group Harvest.

Resource TableEdit

1 1 Jute N/A N/A
2 100 Cotton Mature Cotton N/A
3 200 Firegrass Mature Firegrass Prime Firegrass
4 300 Silkbloom Mature Silkbloom Prime Silkbloom
5 400 Vielthread Mature Vielthread Prime Vielthread
6 500 Steelweave Mature Steelweave Prime Steelweave

Know your PlantsEdit

If you are going to become successful at Reaping, you need to learn your plants. Finding harvestable plants is not as easy as finding metals or stone, as those resources tend to be much larger and easy to spot from a distance. Plants blend in with the landscape and can easily be overlooked. One of the best ways to locate plants is to use the /targetnextnode command. By placing this in a macro you can cycle through any harvestable nodes nearby.

Listed below are the types of different Plants that can be harvested with the Reaping skill. This list could be missing some items and should not be considered complete.

  • Jute Plant
  • Cotton Plant
  • Firegrass Plant
  • Silkbloom Plant
  • Vielthread Plant
  • Steelweave Plant
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