Regions are areas of Telon marked on the map with coordinates, such as (-20,13) for the Martok region. Regions are populated by NPCs that offer diplomacy quests or Civic Diplomacy. Most of the Civic NPCs reside within towns.

Regions of ThestraEdit

Region Map Quests All NPCs
Bordinar's Cleft (-28, 26) Bordinar's Cleft Bordinar's Cleft
Dahknarg (-22, 25) Dahknarg Dahknarg
Halgarad (-22, 26) Halgarad Halgarad
Konarthi Point (-21, 25) Konarthi Point Konarthi Point
Leth Nurae (-25, 26) Leth Nurae Leth Nurae
New Targonor (-27, 24) New Targonor New Targonor
Renton Keep (-26, 26) Renton Keep Renton Keep
Rindol Field (-27, 27) Rindol Field Rindol Field
Silverlake (-25, 27) Silverlake Silverlake
Southwatch (-28, 25) Southwatch Southwatch
Themnwar's Shield (-27, 26) Themnwar's Shield Themnwar's Shield
Three Rivers Village (-27, 26) Three Rivers Village Three Rivers Village
Tursh Village (-27, 27) Tursh Village Tursh Village
Vault of Heroes (-23, 26) Vault of Heroes Vault of Heroes
Veskal's Exchange (-24, 26) Veskal's Exchange Veskal's Exchange

Regions of KojanEdit

Region Map Quests All NPCs
Ca'ial Brael (-18, 4) Ca'ial Brael Ca'ial Brael
Jalen's Crossing (-18, 5) Jalen's Crossing Jalen's Crossing
Martok (-20, 13) Martok Martok
Martok Coast (-19, 13) Martok Coast Martok Coast
Tanvu (-19, 6) Tanvu Tanvu
Tawar Galan (-19, 4) Tawar Galan Tawar Galan

Regions of QaliaEdit

Region Map Quests All NPCs
Ahgram () Ahgram Ahgram
Hathor Zhi () Hathor Zhi Hathor Zhi
Khal () Khal Khal
Lomshir () Lomshir Lomshir
Lomshir Plain () Lomshir Plain Lomshir Plain
Pankor Zhi () Pankor Zhi Pankor Zhi
Qa Riverbank () Qa Riverbank Qa Riverbank
The Temple of Dailuk () The Temple of Dailuk The Temple of Dailuk
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