Server Telon
Roleplaying no
Voice Chat yes
Casual yes
Raiding yes
End Game yes
Recruiting yes
Protective yes
Offensive yes
Healers yes
Casters yes
Diplomats yes
Armorsmiths yes
Weaponsmiths yes
Carpenters yes
Mineralogists yes
Leatherworkers yes
Tailors yes
Target Players
North America no
Euro no
Middle East no
Asia no
Oceania yes

Guild Name: Reverence

Leaders: Kilsin

Guild Type: Casual / Raiding

Guild Chat Maturity Rating? R18

Primary Play Times: 6pm - 12am AEST

Guild Premise/Goals: To provide a home for oceanic-timezone players of all levels and experience, as well as offering end-game raiding to players of appripriate level and commitment within our primary playtime.


Application process:via Applications forum (see Website link above)

Additional Information: Reverence has existed as an oceanic-based guild in Vanguard since beta, and has been one of the leading guilds for players in this timezone throughout its life, providing both a casual, friendly environment for those still learning the game, while also offering end-game raiding opportunities.

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