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Name: Riftseeker`s Torrent
Level 11
Size Group
Chunk Tursh Village
Continent Thestra
Theme Grand Halls
Overall Rating please update

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Riftseeker's Torrent Location

80418, 44382, 34381

Editor's Notes[edit | edit source]

Found on the Eastern edge of Maplelynn Wood the only sign visible from a distance is an abundance of rocky outcroppings. The ground drops away sharply forming a hollow with a tunnel at the northern edge dropping away, still further into the depths. 1

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Password for entry is Utaalk Ataraav Utkin

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Also known as Temporal Fortress of the Riftseekers

A password is needed to enter and for all travel between portals. This password can be learned by watching a non-KoS Riftseeker walk through the cave to the entrance portal where he says 'Utaalk Ataraav Utkin' and then disappears. These three words are the names of the three Temporal Chambers within the dungeon.1

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