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The Skinning skill is commonly adopted by those who plan on becoming Outfitters and then training further in Leatherworking. Skinning involves harvesting hides from the carcasses of animals. There are a myriad of creatures who have the potential to be skinned and they can be found on every continent and in almost every area.

The Skinning KnifeEdit

The Skinning knife is the tool of trade for those who harvest leather. If you did not receive your first Skinning knife after the introductory harvesting quest, simply return to that NPC and you can purchase one for no cost. You can find these Supply Vendors in almost every starting area and in every major city. If you find you are having difficulty locating one, try asking a guard.

As you progress with your Skinning skill, you should think about upgrading your harvesting tool. You can either purchase an upgraded version from a Harvesting Supply Vendor or buy one from a player that can craft them. At this time, the only crafting profession that can craft upgraded tools is the Blacksmith.

Strips, Hides and YouEdit

You have probably noticed that you can gather two types of resources when Skinning: Strips and Hides

Strips are small pieces of leather that are not a craftable resource. Hides are a craftable resource commonly used by the Outfitter or Leatherworker to make various items such as bags and armor. You can combine the Strips into Hides by right clicking a stack of 20 Strips or more in your inventory. A window will appear giving you the breakdown of the number of Hides you will receive back, as well as the number of Strips left over. Clicking Convert will accept the process and change the leather into Hides.

Resources are not only broken down by Tier, but also by rarity. For some Tiers you can find Rare versions and also Ultra-Rare versions. These tend to be useful for crafters performing upgrades or crafting special items. You can find these rares in two ways:

Finding a creature with a rare hide, such as a Scraggy Hide. Receiving one by chance when harvesting a regular node. You have a greater chance of receiving a rare resource from a regular resource node if you are participating in a Group Harvest.

Skinning Resource TableEdit

1 1 Mangled N/A N/A
2 100 Ratty Scraggy N/A
3 200 Stiff Hard Firm
4 300 Coarse Rough Rugged
5 400 Weathered Aged Pristine
6 500 Smooth Supple Silky

Locations of LeatherEdit

One of the great things about choosing Skinning as one of your harvesting skills is that the resource is much easier to find compared to any other resource. Skinning also complements the Adventurer just looking to earn some extra copper.

Because the Skinning profession involves gathering resources from various creatures throughout the world, listing them here would be too extensive. However, this section will be reserved for listings of known creatures that tend to have rare or very rare hides and could be valuable to those who take up the skinning harvesting skill.

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