Icon20386 Slappy's Whistle
This whistle is used to call Slappy The Cool, the Master Entertainer, to your side and help you get your groove on.

"Show us your moves, Slappy!"
[Right-click to Activate and break it down!]
This item cannot be deconstructed.


Slappy's Whistle

Slappy's Whistle


This whistle is only obtainable on the Isle of Dawn by parlaying one of Slappy's biggest fan's in the hobgoblin camp.

You are also able to obtain it through the Marketplace for 450 SC (Gold Member Price).


Biggest Fan Interview Interview : Outsider Presence: 1

You frown at the hobgoblin. "What in the blazes is that annoying racket?"
The fan turns to look at you, as if surprised. "Oh! That is Slappy! He's the greatest!" he shouts over the noise.

You wrinkle your nose. "The greatest? Really? Under whose authority?"

The listener doesn't seem to pay any heed to that comment. "Slappy keeps our spirits up!"

You sigh. "And I thought the Sun Village had problems."

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