Society of Invention[edit | edit source]

The Society of Invention are one of the three competing trading societies in the City of Ahgram.

They are in business to research technology to improve the life of the people of Ahgram.

Where are they?[edit | edit source]

After arriving outside Ahgram via the riftstone, when you enter the main part of the city you are almost immediately at the eastern end of the main thoroughfare that runs East-West through the trading area of the city. There in front of you will be the Telon Global Exchange merchant, a Kurashasha by the name of Aslak Shaniq. All directions start from him.

  • From Aslak, head west along the main thoroughfare.
  • At the central circle, turn left and head south, moving around the circle.
  • When you have turned through 90 degrees and are once again facing west, turn left and head south down a side road.
  • Go to the bottom of this road, and the first door on the left is the Society of Invention HQ.

Key People[edit | edit source]

Goshi Masape, Society of Invention Head Councilman

  • Goshi is the leader of the society, and is who to go to for Quests.

Kish Netual, Society of Invention Foreman

Ralaan Abendor, Society of Invention Technomancer

  • Ralaan is the leader of the Technomancers (which includes the fighting forces of the Society).

Introductory Text[edit | edit source]

Goshi nods. "I'd be happy to tell you of the Society of Invention. To sum us up in one sentence, we prize the application of new technical and mystical knowledge to increase the quality of life for the average citizen. And while we constantly work to better Ahgram, we hope to move on to other areas after we succeed."

The gnome sighs. "Of course, the Merchant's Guild and the Cabal are making it very difficult for us.

Goshi's smile fades slightly. "There are two other prominent crafting organizations in Ahgram."

"The Merchant's Guild is a cesspool of greed. They care for nothing but making a hefty profit. Ihave seen them bankrupt smaller businesses, and it greatly upsets me."

"The Cabal is ... worse. They murder, kidnap and experiment on innocent people as well as themselves. Their dark knights are brutal and heartless. Some have been arrested but many are too crafty to be caught. They are insane. Not stupid.".

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