Before the erection of New Targonor there existed another castle of massive proportions from which the kings of Targonor ruled. When the undead armies swept through the Thestran lands, engulfing everything in their path, the castle of Old Targonor fell to the army of bone. Since those times, the undead army continues to amass its forces in the lands surrounding the once great castle. The only thing keeping the undead at bay are the dwarves of Bordinar’s Cleft, humans of Tursh, halflings of Rindol Field, and the high elves of Leth Nurae joining forces to create massive bulwarks between the tainted lands and Southwatch, a once peaceful community ruled by Lord Hugo Heartsworn. Citizens from all parts of Thestra have congregated in Heartsworn’s land to assist in the war effort, but their resources are dwindling, soldiers are perishing, and vagabonds have realized the opportunity to profit in the chaos. Lord Hugo Heartsworn, residents of Southwatch, and all of those living on the continent of Thestra need the assistance of adventurers to ensure that the undead army will never break through the bulwarks and wash over the continent. Southwatch is intended for solo adventurers and small groups level 30 through 35.


Type: Outpost
Continent: Thestra
Map Cell: -28, 25 (at -39800, 14300, 47650)


A village of Thestra in the Southwatch zone. Avela Rusten near the well gives a quest.

Geography and climateEdit

Semi-forested and mountainous

Resource rich.


Home to Thestran humans and dwarves.


  • Leader:
  • City Faction Registrar: No
  • City Armor Dealer: No
  • Guild Registrar: No



  • General Goods Vendor: Yes (Arla Coppervale)
  • Horse Vendor(s)
  • Weapon Vendor(s)
  • Armor Vendor(s)
    • Light:
    • Medium:
    • Heavy:
  • Clothing Merchant: No


  • Crafting Instructor: Yes (Sondra Grayseal) She also rents horses.
  • Crafting Utilities Supplier: Yes (Sondra Grayseal)
  • Crafting Equipment Supplier: Yes (Sondra Grayseal)
  • Exotic Goods Vendor: No
  • Work Order Taskmasters
  • Crafting Tables
    • Artificer: Both
    • Blacksmith: Both
    • Outfitter: Both
    • Assembly: Yes


  • Bartender: No


Banker: Yes (Durnin Ironforge)

Vaults: No

Mailbox: Yes -34675, 11500, 49450

Missives: Yes (Reese Gresham)

Telon Global Exchange: Yes (Gisella Anvilstone)



  • Instructors


  • Instructors
    • Artificer: No
    • Blacksmith: No
    • Outfitter: No
  • Masters


  • Instructors
    • Civic Diplomacy Instructor:

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