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Each race in game has a preference for a certain expression type. Special race-only cards are earned in the tutorial and intro quests and are a starting diplomats most potent cards available. These include a 5 point Assertion card as well as supporting evaluations to fuel the racial specialty.

Demand Races Reason Races Inspire Races Flattery Races
Dwarf High Elf Thestran Human Halfling
Vulmane Gnome Varanjar Qaliathari Human
Varanthari Goblin Lesser Giant Kurashasa
Wood Elf Kojani Human Dark Elf Half Elf
Orc Raki
Mordebi Human

The choice of adventuring class also has an impact on the initial deck a diplomat starts out with. Like race, each class also has a preferred expression type, which determines which comments are learned by a new diplomat.

Demand Classes Reason Classes Inspire Classes Flattery Classes
Warrior Ranger Paladin Rogue
Dread Knight Monk Cleric Bard
Necromancer Sorcerer Shaman Blood Mage
Disciple Psionicist

The CardsEdit


Diplomats all start with the basic Snippet of Wisdom comment. Additional starting comments are determined by a diplomat's class and racial Expression preferences. These determine which 1 Influence comment cards are earned when starting out.


Every starting diplomat gets a 3 Influence Assertion for each expression type. These four cards are Aggressive Statement, Itemized Comparison, Loud Criticism and Enticing Whisper.

Each race receives additional Assertions based on their racial preference, including a strong 5 Influence Assertion card:

An additional 4 Influence Assertion is given based on racial expression preference:

Multi-expression Assertions

Each expression category also receives a card that uses multiple expression types, based on their strongest parley type. These cards an earned towards the end of the introductory diplomacy quest line in each starting city.


Each race gets a specific rebuttal during the starter quest, with an option to choose a second.

  • Dark Elf:
  • Dwarf:
  • Gnome:
  • Goblin:
  • Halfling:
  • High Elf:
  • Half Elf:
  • Kurashasa:
  • Kojani Human:
  • Lesser Giant:
  • Mordebi Human:
  • Orc:
  • Qaliathari Human:
  • Raki:
  • Thestran Human:
  • Varanjar:
  • Varanthari:
  • Vulmane:
  • Wood Elf: Disarming Rebuttal, plus a choice of Lay Blame, Greener Pastures, and Gut Feeling
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