Stone & Steel
Server Telon
Roleplaying yes
Voice Chat no
Casual yes
Raiding yes
End Game no
Recruiting yes
Protective yes
Offensive yes
Healers yes
Casters yes
Diplomats yes
Armorsmiths yes
Weaponsmiths yes
Carpenters yes
Mineralogists yes
Leatherworkers yes
Tailors yes
Target Players
North America yes
Euro no
Middle East no
Asia no
Oceania no

.::] STONE & STEEL [::.


"Hear ye! Hear ye!"

"The Dwarfs of Bordinar's Cleft and the Gnomes of Mekalia have formed an alliance of the deep dark! This alliance of STONE & STEEL is recruiting Dwarf and Gnome adventurers, tradefolk and emissaries of any beard length to become champions of the underhalls and deep realms of Telon!"

"Speak with one of our Thanes for more information or visit our halls at to learn more!"


Recruiter(s): Warfeild
Guild Type: Roleplaying, Casual, Adventuring
Guild Chat Maturity Rating: Family-friendly
Primary Play Times: EST through PST
Races: Dwarf and Gnome
Classes: All
Alignment: Lawful-Good
Out of Character (ooc):
Stone and Steel is a well established roleplaying guild made up of older gamers in the EST-PST time zones. The guild atmosphere is family-friendly and fun. We are one of the oldest Dwarf-only guilds in existence today and one of the most successful with a long and proven track record in several games. Still lead today by its founder, Warfield Goblincleaver, Stone and Steel originated as the Champions of Brell in Everquest on the Bertoxxulous server in August of 1999.
We welcome folks who enjoy playing Dwarfs or Gnomes as their primary character and seek to build long-lasting friendships in our Dwarf/Gnome-themed roleplay environment. If you too seek the camaraderie of like-minded players, then stop by our Beardlings Barracks and submit an application to join.

In order to join Stone and Steel you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a Dwarf or Gnome of any level!
  • Have an appropriate name.
  • Be respectful of others.

The member of Stone and Steel value the following:

  • Honor: Being respectful of others and keeping your word.
  • Valor: Standing our ground when others flee.
  • Friendship: Building longstanding relationships while gaming together.
  • Roleplaying: Remaining in character and not using "leet speak" in guild chat.

While on your journey to becoming a battle-hardened Longbeard...

  • Discover all of Vanguard's facets in a low-pressure environment alongside those still learning the game.
  • Build long-lasting friendships with gamers like you, some of who have been with the guild for 10+years!
  • Participate in weekly guild events, from dungeon crawls, socializing, building a town, dueling, and grudge settling.

If Stone and Steel sounds like your next home, visit our Beardlings Barracks and submit an application to join!

Stone and Steel - Khegor's End

Stone and Steel - Khegor's End


Stone and Steel - Return to Khegor's End-1

Stone and Steel - Return to Khegor's End-1


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