Quest diplomacy Sun Cho's Research
Sphere Diplomacy
Journal Level 5
Journal Size Please choose one of: Solo Small Group Group Elite Group Raid
Level Offered xx
Prerequisites none
Starting Location -31809, -18353, 1305 in Isle of Dawn (-26,1)
Area Inside the Hall of Records in Sun Village.
Starting Chunk Isle of Dawn
Ending Chunk Isle of Dawn
Offered By Sun Cho Riververse
Quest Series none
Concurrent with: Sun Cho's Research, Poems of Magic
XP Reward 7500
Coin Reward Silver 2Copper 50
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed 10 Academic


  • Interview Juritor Aya Sa about Kojan

Assist Sun Cho in her research by interviewing Juritor Aya Sa from Kojan. She is currently upstairs in the Hall of Records. Return to Sun Cho on the bottom floor of the Hall or Records when finished.


  • N/A


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The description is wrong. Sun Cho is on the top floor of the hall of records near Juritor Aya Sa.

Juritor Aya SaEdit

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