This article explains how to get technical support for Vanguard.

If you are looking for quest help, we recommend doing an internet search on the quest name.



view petition window

  1. Use the in-game command /petition
    1. Review the options presented
      1. Unstuck button or /stuck yes
      2. Technical support forums
      3. Account, billing and technical support
      4. In-game support
  2. Choose the appropriate button to continue.

In-Game Support ContactEdit

Help browser

view browser


view form

  1. /petition
  2. Click the petition button
    1. The in-game browser will load the Sony support page.
    2. Click the in-game support button in the browser
    3. Log on using your station name and password
    4. Complete the online form
    5. Click continue button
The in-game browser can be buggy at times.
If the browser loads with just a blank screen

1. Use in-game command /flush all

Tips and TricksEdit

  1. Send a message of your problem to /regionsay. It may be a known issue and you might be able to get help right away.
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