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General Editor / Contributor Information

This page is the starting point for all editors of this Wikia. It lists some of the pages you might like to use as you contribute here.

  • To follow the changes to this wiki, and to look out for new events and problem edits, use recent changes.
  • If you want to discuss anything about an article, you can use the talk pages.
  • If you need help editing, you could start with the tutorial on the Central Wikia.
Telonica Planning

To Do List

  • Recover lost lore previously held at sites no longer available
    • Crafting
      • Tier Quests
      • Special Work Order Quests
      • Guild Hall Quests
      • Boat quests
      • Organize Craft Quests by location
    • Diplomacy
      • Writs
      • Web Quests
      • Societies
    • Adventuring
      • Starter Towns
      • Trengal Keep
      • CW Armor
      • Swamp Armour
      • Quests by Starting Chunk
      • APW
      • PoTA
      • KDQ (Just needs information added for final event)
      • Magi Hold
      • Organize Adventure Quests by location
  • Compendium
    • NPC Articles
    • Chunk Articles
    • Town Articles
    • Classes
    • Learned Abilities
    • Cross-class combos
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