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Many wonderful Vanguard information sites are available elsewhere on the web, and this directory attempts to list as many of them as possible. Please feel free to add your own site to the list, remembering that it must be entirely Vanguard-focused to be included here.

General Site DirectoriesEdit

SlydeRule A list of Vanguard links kept up to date since 2007, this directory by Community Site Staff member Slyde is a fantastic starting point for all players.
Vanguard Community Site Library A newer thread on the Official Vanguard Forums and maintained by Aasha, this list is created and updated with input from the forum community.

Adventuring ResourcesEdit

The Angry Wi-Wi-Wiki A general adventuring wiki created by The Cult of the Angry Goblin guild, this site aims to provide information to all players focused mainly on content being experienced by the guild members.
TenTonHammer Class Creation Guides An excellent set of 15 guides for creating each class. TenTonHammer contributors have produced detailed instructions and advice on all aspects of character creation.
Vanguard Bards A Bard-oriented information site with guides, forums and helpful charts.
Vanguard Bloodmages A Blood Mage-oriented forum site, unfortunately flooded with spam posts but still archiving useful Blood Mage specific information.
Vanguard Clerics A Cleric-oriented forum site, which is mostly inactive now but still remains a good resource for player guides and Cleric-specific information.
VGNecro An information site for Necromancer-specific guides, quest details, ability lists and forums, still maintained and up to date.
VGPsi An information site for Psionicist guides, ability information and gestalts. The forums are closed, but the archived information is still quite useful for the class.
Forest Stalker An information site for Rangers, the site contains information on Ranger abilities, forums, and guides.
The Safehouse An information site for Rogue-specific guides, forums, lore details and maps, where active discussion still continues.
The Steel Warrior Forum A Vanguard oriented forum discussing all information related to the Warrior class.

Diplomacy ResourcesEdit

Crafting ResourcesEdit

Technical ResourcesEdit

Guild SitesEdit

After Hours Guild site of the After Hours guild, containing forums, guides, links and more.
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