One of the most common complaints I hear from new players in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (and I speak to a great many new players, especially lately!), is that there aren't any good sites to go for general questions about the game. "Why," I usually say "that just isn't true! You can visit SilkyVenom, or VGTact, or VGNecro, or VGCrafters, or VGMaps! There are all sorts of good sites to go for information about Vanguard!"

This is a very true statement, but it would seem it is also a very frustrating one. Each of these sites has a great deal of wonderful information on it, though some have more up-to-date information than others, but all of them also have their own special focus. This means that if a new player wants to learn where he can upgrade his courier horse, and what level he can learn to feign death as a necromancer, he has to visit at least two different sites and learn to navigate to the information he needs in each of them. This is also assuming he selects the correct two, and that they are still active enough that they have accurate information.

Vanguard has a wonderful and helpful player base, but it seems to lack any kind of central database of accurate information about the game. Telonica in its third incarnation will attempt to serve that purpose, and cater especially to newer players.

Competition? Cooperation!Edit

Telonica has, since its creation in 2006, had the greatest of respect for the various other community sources of information out there. It is not our intention (and indeed, it would be fruitless) to draw people away from established resources such as Silky Venom, VGTact, or VGMaps, only to offer them another (and perhaps more general) source of information to turn to, with special regard to players being introduced to Vanguard's vast depth and complexity for the first time.

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