This template creates a right-aligned box displaying similar information to the in-game tooltip for an item, such as a weapon or armour. It also provides this information for mouseover links elsewhere through the site.


|Value={{Platinum|0}} {{Gold|0}} {{Silver|0}} {{Copper|0}}
|Bonus=+0 Attribute<br />+0 Skill ...
|AirSpeed=<speed bonus>
|GroundSpeed=<speed bonus>
|Stability=<stability bonus>
|RequiredClass=<class list>
  • Name: The item name (e.g., Fresh Fish) -- Note this must be the same as the name of the article page
  • Icon: The filename of the icon image to use (e.g., Icon1234.png); see Macro Icons
  • Rarity: How common the item is, e.g., (Common, Uncommon, Rare); determines color of item name
    • Quest: White
    • Mundane: White
    • Common: Green
    • Uncommon: Blue
    • Rare: Yellow
    • Heroic: Orange
    • Legendary: Red
    • Fabled: Purple
    • Mythic: Gold
  • Value: The money gained from selling the item, using the formats:
    • {{Platinum|1}} {{Gold|2}} {{Silver|3}} {{Copper|4}}
  • GoldMemberOnly: True if Gold Membership Required
  • NoTrade: True if it cannot be traded
  • NoSell: True if the item can't be sold
  • NoRent: True if the item can't be rented
  • Unique: True if the item is unique (can only have one in inventory)
  • Quest: True if the item is for a quest
  • BindOnEquip: True if the item binds when used
  • Type: The type of the item, found on the left side of the tooltip (e.g., "Clothing" or "Diplomacy Held Item" or "Sword")
  • SubType: The subtype of the item, found to the right of the type (e.g., "Either Hand", "Diplomacy Chest")
  • RequiredLevel: What level is required to use the item, if applicable
  • ItemLevel: The item level in the tooltip
  • Description: The orangy text that describes the item (use <br /> for new lines)
  • Note: An extra note added at the bottom of the tooltip in white
  • Charges: How many charges the item holds to start with
  • ActivatedAbility: The name of the activated ability in blue, if applicable
  • EquippedEffect: The name of the activated ability in blue, if applicable
  • ActivatedEffect: The effect of the activated ability (use <br /> for new lines)
  • Bonus: The bonuses granted by equipping the item, found in green on the tooltip. (use <br /> for new lines) See also Template:ItemBonusVs
  • RequiredClass: The list of what classes can use the item, e.g., 'Paladin, Cleric, Warrior'
  • NoDeconstruct: True if the item can't be deconstructed

Weapon related options:

  • Damage: The damage numbers of the weapon, e.g., '11 - 18'
  • Speed: The speed of the weapon as a number, e.g., '2.75'
  • Range: The range numbers of a bow, e.g., '0-20'
  • DPS: The damage per second of the weapon, e.g., '5.09'
  • WeaponBonus: A special weapon bonus line, in orange, e.g. 'Critical hits deal an additional 10% damage.'

Armor related options:

  • ArmorClass: How much armor the item provides, e.g., '4'
  • BlockChance: What percentage chance to block the armor provides, e.g., '8.0'
  • ParryChance: What percentage chance to parry the armor provides, e.g., '12.0'

Crafting related options:

  • Quality: The letter of what grade it is - either A, B, C, D or E
  • MadeBy: Who made this item - this should really be left as 'Crafter' rather than an actual character name.
  • Crafting: The level of crafting skill required to make this, e.g., 'Novice', 'Initiate', etc.

Mount related options:

  • GroundSpeed: The speed the mount gives while on ground, e.g., '+100'
  • AirSpeed: If a flying mount, the speed it grants while in the air, e.g., '+40'
  • Stability: The extra stability the mount provides, e.g., '+10'

Note that if the skill does not specify any of these things or they are not relevant, simply leave them out of the list of parameters. (Avoid setting them to zero, as this will still cause them to be displayed.)


|Name=Preserver's Gleaming Staff
|SubType=Two Hands
|Damage=15 - 22
|Bonus=+3 Vitality<br />+2 Intelligence<br />+16 Hit Points<br />+10 Conjuration<br />
|WeaponBonus=Critical hits deal an additional 10% damage.
|RequiredLevel=6 Adventuring


Icon1160 Preserver's Gleaming Staff
Silver 1Copper 60
Unique Soulbound
StaffTwo Hands
15 - 22 DamageSpeed 3.25
(5.54 Damage Per Second)
+3 Vitality
+2 Intelligence
+16 Hit Points
+10 Conjuration
Weapon Bonus:
Critical hits deal an additional 10% damage.
Required Level: 6 Adventuring
Item Level: 11
Required Class:


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