A basic template that produces a right-aligned summary box of the mounts information. More options may need to be added.


|Value={{Platinum|x}} {{Silver|x}} {{Copper|x}}
|Trade=No Sell / No Rent
|Airspeed = +<Airspeed>
|Groundspeed = +<Groundspeed>
|Stability= +/- <Stability>
|Adventuringlevel = <Adventuringlevel>
|Craftinglevel = <Craftinglevel>
|Diplomacylevel = <Diplomacylevel>
|Item Level=<Itemlevel>
|Description = <description>
  • Icon is for an uploaded image of the mount's icon
  • Air Speed, Ground Speed, Stability, Adventuringlevel, Craftinglevel, Diplomacylevel,and Description are obvious
  • Trade is the trade restrictions of item (No Sell, No Rent, etc.)
  • Itemlevel is the item level provided in the tooltip.


|Value={{Silver|x}} {{Copper|x}}
|Trade=No Sell
|+<Airspeed> Mount Speed (Air)
|+<Groundspeed> Mount Speed (Ground)
|+<Stability> Mount Stability
|Activated Ability: Summon Mount <br /> This ability allows you to summon your flying mount.
|Required Level <Adventuringlevel> Adventuring or <Craftinglevel> Crafting or <Diplomacylevel> diplomacy
|Item Level: <Itemlevel>


[[Image:<file>]] MountInformation Silver x Copper x
Unique Soulbound No Sell
Unknown Mount Speed (Ground)
Unknown Mount Stability
Activated Ability: Summon Mount / Call MountInformation
This ability allows you to summon your mount.
Required Level:
Item Level: Unknown

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