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A basic template that produces a right-aligned summary box of the NPC's information. More options may need to be added.

|Portrait=<file name of an uploaded image of the NPC>
|Name=<name of the NPC, first and last, if applicable>
|Descriptor=<descriptor appearing under name in square brackets>
|Chunk=<name of chunk, or "zone," where the NPC can be found>
|Town=<Town, City, Village; leave blank if not applicable>
|Location=######, ######, ###### in Chunk (###,###)
|Area=<building, district, etc. that appears after the /loc>
|Station=<academic, clergy, crafter, domestic, noble, soldier>
|Presence=<number; amount of presence the player must have in order to parley>
|Interview=<parley title> e.g., Simple Pleasures
|Entertain=<parley title> e.g., Cheer the People
|Gossip=<parley title> e.g., Story of the Town
|Convince=<parley title> e.g., The Will of the People
|Incite=<parley title> e.g., Support of the People
|DipLevel=<number shown after the conversation type> e.g., 22 for Convince:22
  • Portrait filename should not be enclosed in square brackets
  • Parameters should be left blank if Unknown or N/A (not applicable)
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NOTE: an NPC will rarely offer all five types of Civic Diplomacy parley

|Name=Aref Bazargan
|Chunk=Tawar Galan
|Town=Tawar Galan
|Area=Hearthborn Tavern
|Location=1159, -60357, 4665 in [[Tawar Galan]] (-19, 4)
|Interview=Simple Pleasures
|Entertain=Cheer the People
|Gossip=Story of the Town
|Convince=The Will of the People
|Incite=Support of the People


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Aref Bazargan
Name Aref Bazargan
Descriptor None
Adventure Level 10
Gender Male
Race Qaliathari
Continent Kojan
Chunk Tawar Galan
Town Tawar Galan
Area Hearthborn Tavern
Location 1159, -60357, 4665 in Tawar Galan (-19, 4)
Civic Diplomacy Yes
Diplomacy Level 22
Station Domestic
Presence 60

Simple Pleasures
Cheer the People
Story of the Town
The Will of the People
Support of the People

Regional Trader No
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