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Name: Tentrees' Farmstead
Level 1
Size Solo
Chunk Isle of Dawn
Continent Isle of Dawn
Theme Kojani Village
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Tentree's Farmstead Entrance

Tentrees' Farmstead Entrance

Tentree's Farmstead Location

Tentrees' Farmstead Location

Editor's NotesEdit

You can hear several voices as you approach Tentrees' Farmstead.

You leave the farmstead and focus on what lay ahead.

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Tan Fen Greatcloud

Kiri Tentrees

Veteran Sixfish

  1. Warming Up (2)
  2. Go Train (2)
  3. Drive Them Back (3)
  4. The Trial of the Isle (3)
  5. Report to Kiri Tentrees (4)

Rin Go Tentrees

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