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Quest adventuring The Dark Horse Track (Quest)
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 14
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered
Prerequisites none
Starting Location 70349, -52311, 2890 in Lomshir (-15, -9)
Area  ?
Starting Chunk Lomshir
Ending Chunk Lomshir Plain
Offered By Horoun Dalan
Quest Series none
Concurrent with: Stolen Goods (Lomshir), The Dark Horse Track (Quest)
Next Hay is for Horses
XP Reward 4741
Coin Reward Silver 1 Copper 30
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed  ?
Presence Needed  ?


  • Supply Order

Take Horoun's order for horse supplies to Harlin Yarloun at the Dark Horse Track. The Track's loction has been marked in the map.



Silver 1 Copper 30

  • 4741 points Adventuring experience

Starting DialogueEdit

"I'm starting to run low on supplies here for the horses. Are you willing to run a request over to the Dark Horse Track? It's not far to the east. I'll even mark it's location on your map. There's always a lot going on there, but I think a CHARACTER_CLASS such as yourself should be able to get the job done."

"Speak with Harlin Yarloun, the stablemaster. He should be able to take care of the order. I'll include a provision in the order to pay you from my account."

Additional DialogueEdit

Concluding DialogueEdit

"Old Horoun is running low again, eh? I wish he'd send these requests more often. He cuts it close every time."

"Horoun has instructed that you be paid from his account. You're welcome to stay around the Track. There's always work to be done here!"

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