Quest adventuring The Final Steps
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 7
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered xx
Starting Location 21670, -66890, 811 in Tanvu (-19, 6)
Starting Chunk Tanvu
Ending Chunk Tanvu
Offered By Master Kaol
Quest Series Shang Village Adventuring Timeline
Previous Eye of the Beholder
Concurrent with:
Next The Final Tests of Jin
XP Reward
Coin Reward Copper 70
Free to Play yes
Jewelry Reward yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


Find the true Lao'Jin masters on Master Kaol's orders.

Spend some time exploring the city, then exit it in the south and head for the abandoned hotel. Once there, look for what has been indicated.

Only a handful of Lao'Jin masters remain on this plane of existence. You have met most of them. However, those you have met with are not true masters. A true Lao'Jin master can vever be destroyed. Jin transcends a mortal existence...



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Detailed InformationEdit

You will meet Shaof at the hotel who offers 5 more quests.




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