As a Diplomat, you will spend a great deal of your time traveling around Telon to reach the people with whom you will need to Parley.

As a new character your only mode of transport is foot! But don't worry, you won't be traveling very far initially, so you won't wear out your shoe leather.

Depending out what character class you have chosen (and what adventuring level you have advanced to), you may have spells available to you that can increase your speed or help you out in other ways.

Additionally, as you progress, you will encounter quests that reward you with mounts or other means of traveling faster.

Quested MountsEdit

Tier 1 Diplomacy HorsesEdit

All Diplomats will have an opportunity to receive a Horse as a reward for a quest as part of their Diplomacy Tutorial Quests. The Young Courier Horse will increase your speed of travel by 35%, and you can also obtain horseshoes and tack to increase that further.

Since each race has a different set of Diplomacy Tutorial Quests, the quest that will give them the horse is different for each:

Race Quest
Dark Elf A Mysterious Case
Dwarf Important Designs
Gnome Deliver the Chrysolwork Vest
Goblin Deliver Winddancer
Half Elf Special Delivery
Halfling Get Me My Armor, Now!
High Elf Deliver the Request
Kojani Human Deliver Winddancer
Kurashasa Settle the Bets
Lesser Giant Finest Stock
Mordebi Human Deliver the Minerals
Orc Deliver Winddancer
Qaliathari Human Deliver the Minerals
Raki Deliver Winddancer
Thestran Human Get Me My Armor, Now!
Varanjar Finest Stock
Varanthari Settle Aslak's Debts
Vulmane Finest Stock
Wood Elf Deliver Winddancer

Tier 2 Diplomacy HorsesEdit

When your Diplomacy Level reaches 20, you will be able to train your horse so that it can travel faster. To do this you should visit one of three people on the different continents of Telon and accept a quest from them. You may visit whichever you prefer.

Your new horse will give you a 48% speed boost compared to walking, and again you will be able to improve that using horseshoes and tack. For more information on acquiring a mount see Diplomatic Mount Quests.

Continent Quest
Qalia Deliveries for Haftan
Kojan ???
Thestra Deliver the Proclamations

Vendor Bought MountsEdit

Boats and ShipsEdit


All ClassesEdit

  • Sprint: Increase movement speed by 25% for 45s. Level 1.
  • Recall: Teleport you to your bind location.
  • Recall to Guild Headquarters: Teleport you in front of the Guild Headquarters.


  • Acceleration: Increase movement by 40% for 60s, 10% mounted
  • Spatial Leap: Transport party to nearest safe location
  • Mirage: Makes target invisible to all but the keenest eye.


  • Planar Gateway: Transport party to nearest safe location.


  • Underworld Journey: Transport party to nearest safe location.

Riftway NetworkEdit

File:Riftway levels.jpg

It is possible to travel around Telon using Riftway Stones that are located near a number of altars around Telon. Each Riftway Stone is associated with a level requirement and cost for travel. The Riftway Stones at New Targonor, Ahgram, Khal, Tanvu and Hathor Zhi are hubs and available to any level player. You can also travel to hubs for free.

you can find the locations of the riftstones in the links below:

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