Quest adventuring Trouble Beyond the Lake
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 7
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered 7
Starting Location -616, 47709, 95918 in Bordinar's Cleft (-28, 26)
128|-28|26|-616, 47709, 95918,start npc||||||||
Starting Chunk Bordinar's Cleft
Ending Chunk Bordinar's Cleft
Offered By Darra Nightbellow
Quest Series none
Concurrent with:
Next Recovering the Supplies, Securing Boulder Pass
XP Reward
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


Speak with Boden Cloudhammer, who brings supplies from Bordinar's Cleft. After helping him, travel further along the road to speak with Warden Amma Shalepeak.

...I have two friends who monitor the mountainside for trouble. Their names are Boden Cloadhammer and Amma Shalepeak...


  • Boden Cloudhammer
  • Warden Amma Shalepeak


Starting DialogueEdit

Additional DialogueEdit

Concluding DialogueEdit

Detailed InformationEdit

Boden Cloudhammer (13964, 12874, 95893 in Bordinar's Cleft). Talked to him and completed his two quests (Recovering the Supplies, Securing Boulder Pass).

Warden Amma Shalepeak (42263, 10906, 96936). Talked to her and completed her two quests (Trouble Across the Bridge, Report to Drovin at Bordinar's Gate).

Quest may be broken.

It appears Captain Zaelmia Mountainheart is part of this quest as it appears in her list when you talk to her.



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