These quests take place in Tursh Village.

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Thestran classes begin their adventuring career at the entrance to the graveyard below the Tursh Academy Dormitories. This lists the initial quests that you find in and around Tursh. Quests that form a sequence appear in the same table; The lower you go in the table the higher the level quest are.



1 Graveyard (Tursh Common Graveyard)

2 Tursh Academy Dormitories

3 Riverside Guardpost

4 Tursh

5 Storehouse Guardpost

6 Western Watch Barracks

7 Shimmerleaf Guardpost

8 Tursh Academy Outpost

Graveyard (Tursh Common Graveyard) Edit

There are two quest givers at the graveyard (you can find Hugh on a hill above the graveyard to the east).

Guard Antonir

Caretaker Hugh

Tursh Academy Dormitories Edit

The Tursh Academy Dormitories is all that's left of the Tursh Academy after an explosion. There are several quest givers here.

High Inquisitor Velman

Dininix Jixilin

  • They Aren't Us (kill Deranged (4*) Delerious, Incoherent, and Wicked Redcaps (4**))

Novice Alphonse

Dizak Lothred (in Rindol Storehouse)

Riverside Guardpost Edit

Inquisitor Westlen

Acolyte Terlan

Acolyte Weylan

Terance Larker

Inquisitor Nalstom

Tursh (adventure quest found along road in tursh) Edit

Guard Manket

Guard Tranton

Storehouse Guardpost Edit

The redcaps have taken over the local storehouse and mill.

Guard Paylan

Tharrin Granitebeard

Western Watch Barracks Edit

Guard Beller

Jorey Meleery

Shimmerleaf Guardpost Edit

Guard Horace

Shimmerleaf Elder Baroo

Tursh Academy Outpost Edit

on the road leading to Themnwar's Shield

Halmm Wurgins

Guard Rakner

  • Unusual Hobby (kill Meadow Seekers (11***), Cokatrices (8-9**), and Twisters (10-11**))

Guard Hokar

  • Wolf Hunt (kill Maplelynn Howlers (7-8**) and Stalkers (8-9**))
  • Unnerving Removal (kill Meadow Lurkers (8-9***), Seekers(10-11***), and Daunters (13***))

Inquisitor Liorana

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