Server Telon
Roleplaying no
Voice Chat yes
Casual no
Raiding yes
End Game yes
Recruiting yes
Protective yes
Offensive yes
Healers yes
Casters yes
Diplomats yes
Armorsmiths yes
Weaponsmiths yes
Carpenters yes
Mineralogists yes
Leatherworkers yes
Tailors yes
Target Players
North America yes
Euro no
Middle East no
Asia no
Oceania no

Guild Name: Unleashed

Leaders: Jakkal

Guild Type: Casual Progressive/Raiding

Guild Chat Maturity Rating? We have no maturity!

Primary Play Times: Prime Time US EST

Raiding Schedule: Sundays at 7pm EST. Tuesday and Thursday 8pm EST.

Guild Premise/Goals: To have fun and kill everything.


VG Forum Thread:

Application process: Yes please. You can find it on our forums.

Additional Information: Accepting any class and level range. Though we are top heavy and mostly raiders, we do casual style play and a lot of us are altaholics. We do not and will not restrict any player for their chosen class. you bring what you want to play to the table and we will make it work. This goes for casual encounters to hard core raid targets. We have taken out every raid mob in the game except Sparkles and we are currently working on taking him down.

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