• I live in Texas
  • I was born on March 29
  • My occupation is Technology Analyst
  • I am Spayed

Not much to tell.  Played back in 2007-2008, then picked up VG again when it became F2P and decided to resub.  Despite the bugs,crashes, broken quests and whatnot, I love the game.  I do have a wish list that would make life so much easier:

  • Item stacking (a button to auto stack would be amazing)
  • Right click deposit to bank (and item stacking)
  • Item stacking when transferring from the bank to inventory
  • Sell grey button (vendor trash sells in one click)
  • Flip camera (ability to see in front of or behind oneself with a button press)
  • Improved performance (video and connectivity)
  • Ability to see party members' buffs
  • /setfog memory (rather than having to enter it every log in)
  • Improved search for Global Trade (being able to find catalysts by tier, for example)
  • Being able to see whether party members are on the same quest

Those are off the top of my head.  The fun things the game has (like the Bag of Wonders or Mercenary Contract) make up for the pitfalls, but at the same time, some of these would make gameplay much more enticing and I think we'd see more players sticking around.  I don't get much play time and it irks me to have to spend 30 minutes organizing my bags after a good session of diplo or crafting.  If my spoils would easily transfer to the bank, well, that would just be fabulous.

Even with the quirks, I enjoy the game.  If the glitchy bits were fixed, and usability a bit more friendly, this game would knock my socks off.  The classes are just amazing and no one class seems broken or particularly weak.  Some start out struggling (rogue) where others are dynamite right out of the gate (blood mage).  By level 20 every class is pretty well rounded.  Tank classes may have more trouble soloing than a necromancer, for instance, but a group can't survive the big fights without a tank.

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