wiki stuff as of 4/4:

Added to Wiki to 4/4: Tier 1-3 Quarrying resource pages Tier 1-3 Lumberjacking resource pages Tier 1-3 Mining resource pages Tier 1-3 Skinning resource pages Tier 1-3 Reaping resource pages Tier 1 Cloth (Jute) Item Pages made & linked back & forth to crafting recipes Tier 1 Leather (mangled) item pages made & linked back & forth to crafting recipe pages Tier 1 Blacksmithing (copper armor) item pages made & linked back & forth to crafting recipe pages Tier 1 Blacksmithing (copper weapons) item pages made (many missing recipe pages to correct) Tier 1 Artificing (weakened timber) item  pages made Tier 1 Artificing (basalt & quartz) item pages made ordinary crafting utilities from Crafting Utility Supply Vendor checked in-game to check that all Tier 1 items have been made & uploaded

ADDED 4/4:

FISHING: Created generic page for "Fishing Supply Vendor", specific page for a named vendor, pages for fishing vendor items, generic pages/categories for "Fishing Bait" and "Fishing Equipment"; cross-indexed links to Main Fishing Page, categories: checked all pages for working links.

CRAFTING:Worked a few hours reorganiizeing  recipes by level obtained from trainers.

 All set to turn into pages the 4th:

Crafting equipment supplier & supplies

Crafting advisor & books

Exotic crafting vendor & supplies

Tier 1 basic materials enhanced with catalysts

Ordinary crafting tools & clothing from Crafting Equipment Supplier

Exotic crafting items

crafting tool pages

harvesting supply vendor & items

Vendor harvesting & crafting supplies 

Generic harvesting supply vendor items

4-6 harvesting resources (some missing photos)

Cotton cloth items

Ragged leather items

Barbed lumber items

Slate items

Garnet items

Tin armor

Tin weapons

Reference set showing Tier 2+ continental style bonus differences

Apprenticeship level quests (all 3 crafting types x 3 continents) in-game, will get screenshots and cross check quest pages (half done 4/2)

Checked all Tier 1 & 2 recipe information in-game to complete missing pages to confirm wiki matches ingame (working on list of recipes based on order when they become available from vender with noob toon)

 Working on in-game:

apprentice level quests for Boat and House building (all crafts) - will get screenshots and check the quests.


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