Here's what I've been able to figure out so far:

- at least for EQ2, the first large (often negative) number is the item ID number, but converted from a 64-bit (unsigned) value to a 32-bit signed value
e.g., 2871812143 -> AB2C602F -> -1423155153; to reverse, take the (DWORD) 32-bit signed value, convert to hex, convert to 64-bit QWORD, AND it with 00000000FFFFFFFF, convert back to decimal (simple, huh?) :P
- the last value before the :> is a bit-flag:
  1: No Trade
  2: Unique
  4: No Rent
  8: Soulbound
 16: (not used ?)
 32: Quest Item
 64: No Sell
128: Bind on Equip
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