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Here’s what’s currently going on in Vanguard:

In Development:

As mentioned in the Producer’s Letter for April 2013, the Vanguard Dev Team is busy making improvement to network structure for the game.  The Team is also still working on revamping Old Targonor.  Both changes are expected to be released around mid-May.  The next Game Update will be on Thursday, April 25, 2013 and includes bug fixes, a few minor improvements, and the start of a new sale on the Marketplace.

Social Media Buzz:

Did you know that Vanguard has social media channels?
Be sure to check out the Facebook page often for the occasional Giveaways and to take part in the Caption It each Friday!

Tip of the Week:

Need to know how to take screenshots in Vanguard? Below are some tips that should help you get started:
  1. The default key for taking screenshots in Vanguard is the minus (-) key on your NumPad.
  2. The screenshots get placed in a folder called ScreenShots in the directory where you have the game installed. The default location is: C:\Program Files\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\Vanguard\ScreenShots
  3. To get the best quality for your screenshots, be sure to adjust your resolution size, use the highest quality settings your computer will permit, and turn off PC and NPC names. You’ll also want to turn off the UI using F10.
  4. Also, you can edit your vgclient.ini file found in the bin folder in your installation directory. You will find a line: "ScreenshotFormat=JPG", if you change that to "ScreenshotFormat=PNG" it will help to increase the quality of your screenshots - Suggeston by Karii from The Telon Project.

Screenshot of the Week:

Vg TheCartheonLibrary

The Cartheon Library in Ancient Port Warehouse

Starting next week, I’ll be posting a new blog each Tuesday!  See you next time!

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