Greetings Telonians!

Here’s what’s currently going on in Vanguard:

In Development:

The Vanguard Dev Team continues to work on the network changes. To help test the changes, hop over to the Test Server. For more information, join the discussion over on the Test Server forum.

In the Community:

Do you want to run intriguing in-game events, host fun festivals, and perform beautiful wedding ceremonies? Do you like to roleplay? The Guide Program is looking for more volunteers from Vanguard to join their quest of creating exciting adventures for others! For more information visit the FAQ and Application on the new Guide forums at

Tip of the Week:

To find out a person's or monster's disposition towards you, look at the color of the name above it - green is friendly, red is aggressive, orange is suspicious, and yellow is neutral.

Screenshot of the Week:

Vg Falgarholm 1

Entrance to Falgarholm

See you next time!

Zatozia the Torturess
Community Manager at SOE

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