Greetings Telonians!

Here’s what’s currently going on in Vanguard:

In Development:

The network improvements are live! The Team is also still working on revamping Old Targonor. The next game update is expected to be on Thursday, May 23rd.

In the Community:

What exists in the mysterious realm inside and outside of Telon? Follow my weekly adventures to find out! This week, I travel within the realm outside of Telon.

Zatozia’s Adventures – Part 1

Tip of the Week:

Can't find your house because it has been a while since you been there? Don't worry, there's help to the rescue! Left Click on the Abilities icon (the book) on your hotbar, select the General tab, and look for the Recall to House ability. There is a separate ability for each house you own. You can have up to two if you a Gold Member.

Screenshot of the Week:

Vg bridgeofdestiny1

The Bridge of Destiny

See you next time!

Zatozia the Torturess
Community Manager at SOE

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