The weakness system allow a group of players to chain their attacks. When using one of the abilities listed below, players can create a weakness on the mob. Other players can exploit the weakness to make a more powerful attack. The weakness is consumed but a successful attack will typically create another weakness that another player can then exploit.

Class Spell / Ability Creates Consumes
Dread Knight Harrow Enraged Bleeding
Dread Knight Wrack Soul Wracked Chilled
Warrior Brutal Strike Staggered
Warrior Devastating Blow Staggered Vulnerable
Warrior Rend Armor Armor Chink
Warrior Savage Cut Bleeding Afflicted
Bard Razor Parts Silk Armor Chink
Bard Sever The Tie Vulnerable Dazed
Bard Thread The Needle Lethargic Staggered
Bard Striking The Mountain Staggered
Monk Ashen Hand Soul Wracked Vulnerable
Monk Bloodless Fist Enraged Dazed
Monk Crescent Kick Shaken Staggered
Monk Six Dragons Strike Enraged Enraged
Monk Staggered Punch Staggered Dazed
Ranger Deadly Shot Dazed Afflicted
Ranger Blade of Winter Chilled Lethargic
Ranger Blade of Summer Burned Bleeding
Rogue Backstab Staggered Enraged
Rogue Wicked Strike Dazed Blindness
Rogue Lacerate Bleeding Lethargic
Rogue Hemorrhage Bleeding
Rogue Ravage Lethargic/Mezmerize
Rogue Ploy Vulnerable
Druid Lightning Staggered Vulnerable
Druid Venom Thorns Afflicted Lethargic
Druid Solar Flare Burning Vulnerable
Necromancer Plague of Infestation Afflicted Lethargic
Sorcerer Char Burned Vulnerable
Sorcerer Freeze Chilled Vulnerable
Sorcerer Shocking Grasp Blinded Staggered
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