So you got to level 11 as a Blacksmith and you have chosen to enter the field of weaponsmithing. Awesome!! Now as a Weaponsmith, we are responsible for crafting some of the most powerful weapons characters can wield. Now here are a few things every weaponsmith should know.

  • As a weaponsmith you will make all the harvesting tools other players need. When you make them you can choose to either have them as a general tool that anybody can use on a resource (handing for harvesting groups) or as a specialty tool to be used by the harvesting skill you have.
  • We make all of the thrown weapons in the game.
    Throwing Daggers Rogue, Bard, Ranger, Warrior
    Throwing Hammers Paladin, Cleric, Dread Knight, Warrior
    Throwing Spears Ranger, Shaman, Dread Knight, Warrior
    Throwing Axes Ranger, Bard, Dread Knight, Warrior
    Shuriken Monk, Disciple
  • We also make arrows to be used in all types of Bows and Crossbows
  • All metal based weapons are made by us which include any forms of the weapon from this list. (Items linked will be lowest level and should only be used as guidelines.)
    Hand to Hand: Claws
    1 Handed Blunt: Maces, Hammers, Rods
    1 Handed Slashing: Short Swords, Long Swords, Axes,
    1 Handed Piercing: Daggers
    2 Handed Blunt: Bladed Staffs, Greatmauls, War Hammers
    2 Handed Slashing: Great Swords, Great Axes, Martial Swords
    2 Handed Piercing: Spears
  • We make metal fasteners needed for houses and boats.
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